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The Listener | After School Orchestra

Tuesday, April 23
The Listener

An intimate evening of improvised music in the Parlour at Fox & Crow. The booth table is in the spotlight - Orchestra musicians play specifically for the rotating folks sitting at the table.

Tonight's Players:
Benedicto Figueroa (Mic) (Poet Laureate, Founder JC Slam)
Zach Herchen (Sax) (Con Vivo Music, New Threads Quartet)
Alex Pergament (Guitar) (Founder After School)
+ Musicians TBA
+ special guests

AFTER SCHOOL ORCHESTRA creates music on stage that has never been made before. We practice the art of discovering music live. The musicians add blocks, individual ideas, in response to one another, and fit the pieces together through feedback. As musicians layer additional blocks, the song structure and content grows.

We think the audience listening is as important as the musicians playing. The musicians play by listening, just like the audience. Appreciation can be a powerful instrument. Share everything. Touch everyone.

Earlier Event: April 20
David Rosales & His Band of Scoundrels
Later Event: April 25
Walter Parks and Rob Curto